I's till you're 18

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Ahaan was 12 when he first met you. A round faced reality show contestant dealing with fame and insecurities.

Ahaan was 18 when he last met you. A pimple-faced adult who had dealt with some large demons.

He was your typical teenager - but with the bizarre need to document everything.
His life was ordinary in a lot of ways. Heart breaks, betrayals, regrets, fears, musings... Everything that the world talks about.
Yet, he had had some extraordinary experiences - ones which the world hardly ever talks about.

He captured every phase of his life with poems and short stories, which led to the birth of this collection - a 6-year conversation between you and Ahaan,
where you will see the world through the eyes of a boy -
through the I's of a boy -
right up till the age of 18.



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